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Citizen Cane Chair Restoration

Saving Trees & Memories One Chair @ A Time!

Shop address (by appointment): 14392 Hoover St, Unit C19, Westminster, Ca 92683

Bring us your chairs for restoration ~ We offer the following services...

Chair Caning ~ Wicker Repair ~ Cane Chair Repair ~ Rush Seat Chair Repair ~ Wicker Chair Repair

Rattan Chair Repair ~ Broken Chair Repair ~ Furniture Refinishing ~ Chair Cushion Upholstery

Note: Many initial questions can be answered by scrolling down this page...

(714) 944-6846 or email us with questions & pictures of your chairs to:

Chair caning only or the full Monte!

Chair caning for dining room chairs...

Google ***** Virginia ‎- Apr 12, 2012 "Citizen Cane has restored both cane and rush seating for me more...

Chair caning for rockers & occasional chairs...

Hand Woven Strand or Machine Woven Sheet Chair Caning!

Identify your chair's method of chair caning for quoting purposes by clicking on this link: Chair Caning Methods

We finish what we start matching the new chair caning color to the original!

We can custom blend a finish coat so your new cane matches the old!

We can even re-create the multi-tones of aged and distressed finishes

  Rush Seat Weaving                                Danish Cord Seat Weaving

All types of rush woven here!

Chair Caning & Quality Upholstery work!

You provide the fabric and we provide all new internals and expert craftsmanship!

Please let us know which cushion style for accurate phone quotes...

See more of our upholstery work here: Upholstery Page

Full restoration work is our own personal time machine!

Like this modern genre 1950's Drexel Furniture Co. flea market find...

We Repair All Breaks Cracks & Splits!

Chair Caning & Full Expert Refinishing Services!

Pickup & Delivery Service ~ Ship Us Your Chairs ~ Or Bring Them To Us!

Free Estimates (714) 944-6846 ~

Shop address (by appointment): 14392 Hoover St, Unit C19, Westminster, Ca 92683

Google Map to: 14392 Hoover St

Visitors by appointment please call or email for more information...

How to receive a complimentary quote for your more...

Additional Services Include...

Rattan Wrap & Wicker Restoration

If It Rocks We've Restored It!

We also acquire, restore and sell vintage, antique and mid-century chairs and rockers like the one shown below  You can view some of our offerings at:

Note: Many initial questions can be answered by scrolling down this page...

WOW!...Turn Back the Hands of Time on Your Family Heirloom!

Additional Services Include...

Chair a little wobbly? We can fix that too!

We Can Restore One Chair Or Your Whole Dining Set!

Which rocker will your mother and child come home to???

Danish Cord Chair Weaving!

Fiber/Paper Wicker Repair ~ Refinish ~ Restoration!

Porch Cane & Splint Work Chair Weaving!

Limited Restoration of imitation Plastic Cane/Wicker Patio Furniture Subject to Material Availabilty

Or We Can Convert It To Real Long Lasting Rattan Cane As Shown Here Below!

Free estimates! Call or email today!

(714) 944-6846 ~ (562) 217-7332

Thank you for the opportunity!

I look forward to meeting you and your chairs!

Why restoring your chairs is wiser than more...


Scroll down for more examples of our work...

Cane And Rush Benches And Stools!

Cane Back Chair Restoration

Cane Seat Chair Restoration

Full Cane Chair Restoration

All Styles Of Children's Rockers

Metal & Wood Cane Chair Restoration

Passed From Grandparent To Grandchild!

Our Personal Favorite Faux Bamboo!

Scroll down for educational information about our craft


The difference between wicker and cane...


Cane is a material / Wicker is a process (Wicker work)

Understandably many folks are confused on wicker verses cane chairs. Cane for chair seats and backs is a material (the peeled skin of the rattan vine ) but Wicker is a particular weaving method that can be done with many different materials, including parts of the rattan vine.  Wicker weaving or wicker work as it is referred to in the trade is often performed with reed from the rattan vine as seen here in the wicker rocker picture on the right. Wicker work can also be performed with different willows and reeds which are commonly seen in wicker baskets. You can perform wicker work with anything that's suitably proportioned and flexible

Hand Or Machine Woven Sheet Cane

Is Your Chair Hand Woven Cane Or Machine Woven Sheet Cane? Chair caning is the craft of applying strands of rattan cane to chair seats or backs. Two methods of applying rattan cane to chairs are hand weaving and machine woven sheet cane. The hand woven method involves weaving the strands of cane into a series of holes that are drilled into the seat or back of the chair in a 7 step pattern. It's called 7 step because you weave two parallel strands of cane vertically, followed by two parallel strands horizontally, then two more strands diagonally while crossing each other and finally the 7th strand, which is typically a larger width, is woven around the outer perimeter to cover the weaving holes to give the end results a more finished look. The second method is applying a prewoven sheet of cane onto the chair while tucking it into a groove formed in the seat or back and inserting a thin strip of rattan pith into the groove with glue to hold it all in place. This method is similar to installing a screen on a screen door but much more difficult more...


Free Estimates (714) 944-6846 ~


The Five Available Machine Woven Sheet Canes

Danish Diagonal               Closed                      Open                 Box/Radio          Danish Modern

Machine woven sheet caning originated about 100 years ago when the furniture manufacturers were looking for ways to overcome hand caning chair production limitations caused by lack of skilled rattan cane weavers. The vintage photo on the left shows production hand caning of bent wood chairs while the picture on the right shows the machine weaving process which is used to create the sheet rattan cane. As you can see the "machine" is nothing more than a rudimentary hand loom

What is chair cane and where does it come from?  Cane for chair caning and chair caning repair is actually the peeled bark of the rattan vine. Rattan, of the liana plant species, is a spiny climbing palm that grows in tropical forests throughout Southeast Asia attaining lengths of over 600 more...

                  Fiber                       Seagrass               Golden Wheat

What is "Rush" for seat weaving and where does it come from?

The term "Rush" for chair seat weaving originally comes from the bulrush or cattail rush used in weaving a rush chair seat. Bulrush is pictured below on the left and cattail on the right. As you can see from the photos they both grow in wetlands and marshes, which for the most part, puts them off limits due to the protected nature of their habitat. Fortunately we have good alternatives with fiber rush, sea grass rush and golden wheat rush. You can see examples of various rush seats we have restored on the "Find Your Rush Seat Chair"  page

Check out our sliding cane panels for doors, windows, room dividers and wardrobes!

To see these cane panels operate click here: Slide Show

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